Plate vulcanizing machine operation and temperature control
Vulcanizing machine temperature control, vulcanizing machine is plastic products factory common mechanical equipment, many manufacturers have updated the production equipment, today we will discuss in detail the operation of the vulcanizing machine and temperature control instructions.
Operation of plate vulcanizing machine:
1. All molds must be centered when put into the plate. Wear gloves when sending molds to prevent burns.
2. When the mold is glued, it should be broken carefully to prevent it from falling.
3. Adjust the pressure gauge according to the mold size and the pressure specified by the unit. Overpressure vulcanization is prohibited.
4. It is prohibited to overstock uneven plates on the plate.
5. When cutting samples with vulcanized plate, protective rubber plate must be padded.
6. If the device is faulty, handle the fault before powering off the power.
7. When using the mold, pay attention to the cavity and smooth surface of the mold to prevent scratching.
8. When the plate is rising, do not take out the mold or clean the debris.
9. The plate vulcanizing device is not allowed to exceed the specified temperature.
10. When not in use, cut off the power supply, reduce the pressure and close the oil valve.
The above ten points is the operation of the plate vulcanizing machine, I hope to help you.

Plate vulcanizing machine temperature control instructions.
1, plate vulcanization machine temperature control is the intelligent controller in the vulcanization process on the upper, middle and lower three layers of heating plate temperature control, to display panel, display heating plate temperature detection results and set temperature value.
Second, in the process of rising the temperature of the plate vulcanizing machine mold, the red light is on, and when it reaches the working temperature, the alarm light turns green. If the mold temperature changes during the vulcanizing machine production, the sound and light alarm starts, and the machine automatically depressurizes.
3. In the working process, when the mold temperature and machine temperature are controlled by double closed-loop, the mold temperature is always under high precision control to ensure the perfection and realization of the production process, and the closed-loop outside the working cycle will be removed.
The above is the whole content of the temperature control of the plate vulcanizing machine, I hope to be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the equipment, please contact our online customer service consultation.

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